Fasttag Recharge


Fasttag Recharge

Fastag is commonly known as electronic toll collection system, and it was initially initiated in India in the year 2014. Fastag defined as a kind of radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. It is used by the government to reduce the time period on the toll plazas. For that to happen, the government has apply electronic toll connections on the toll plaza lane in the national highways. This has helped a lot of drivers in saving their time and fuel by avoiding the long queues. This has also saved them from the worries of carrying money all the time since you can quickly recharge your tag and that will be enough for the toll plaza reader to consider.

How to become a FASTag Agent

A common question among the masses is how to become FASTag agent? The criteria for one to become a FASTag agent or retailer is quite easy. The applicant needs to have,

Basic working knowledge of computers is essential for one to become Fastag Agent. This is important since you will have to make online transactions, do online recharge, online money transfer and also keep a check of all the transactions.

If a you wants to become Fastag Agent, you should have your computer, Biometric Device and a printer. These are the primary requirements for a FASTag agent. Only if you have them, you will be able to carry out the tasks of a FASTag agent.

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